Changing the Game: Lean Supply Chain Performance

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Over the last 100 years almost all business strategies and processes have undergone fundamental change, yet the purchasing function has remained in a time-warped tactical silo.  This is mostly because executives regard purchasing as only having the potential to positively impact financial results through reducing the price paid for purchased material. During this presentation, supply chain columnist and former Chief Procurement Officer, Paul Ericksen will describe what should be the goal of all purchasing functions, namely Lean Supply Chain Performance. Ericksen will address several ways in which this fundamental change in purchasing practice can dramatically improve company financial performance above-and-beyond achieving lower material cost.  This topic is especially relevant in the face of COVID, because suppliers that can provide Lean performance not only are competitive price-wise but also have the ability to support order fulfillment flexibility when OEM customer forecasts vary from actual market demand. 

Conference: IMTS Spark Showcase

Type: Industry Insights



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