Berkeley Roundtable: Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

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Robots and automation, AI, smart systems, IoT-it’s all here and set to unleash a new industrial revolution. As Industry 4.0 expands, there is a path to shape the future and create social impact by enabling sustainable technologies like solar energy, electric vehicles and wind power, as well as the ability to transform global supply chains, making them more agile, transparent, sustainable, and ethical. But as the disruption that came with COVID showed us, this bright future is not today’s reality. Why isn’t this transformation happening faster?
One reason is lack of talent. As Baby Boomers retire, 6 out of 10 manufacturing jobs remain unfilled. The Manufacturing Institute projects that 2.4 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade. These are high-paying, tech oriented jobs. Why is this the case? This is in part due to false perceptions that exist about the industry.
Our panel will discuss the real opportunities associated with implementing emerging technologies into today’s factories, what this looks like for a new generation of workers and what it means for the world.

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Conference: IMTS Spark Showcase

Type: Industry Insights



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