Transformative Technologies Focus: Software-Driven Automation

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Evolutionary and revolutionary change. Change is occurring all around manufacturing. Transformative Technologies will drive manufacturing to smarter, faster, safer, and more resilient tomorrow. The “Transformative Technologies Focus” will review and discuss these technologies and how they relate to the manufacturing industry.

Abhi will discuss how the technological shift currently taking place in the manufacturing world brings true automation to an industry that has experienced decades of automation status quo. He'll describe how technology advances in software, computer vision, machine learning, and adaptive robotics hold the ticket to changing the industry's flexibility, scalability, resilience, and economics. During the presentation, you'll learn how software, in particular, has been fundamental to this shift, as it digitizes and simplifies factory automation - enabling remote management and operation, faster automation deployment, seamless product pivots, and localized production.

Conference: IMTS Spark Showcase

Type: Innovation Shakedown



  • Tech Talks
  • Transformative Technologies Focus