Toward Resilient Supply Chains in a Post Shock Era

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Long before COVID-19 created chaos in every supply chain, IMTS recognized the need to rethink the industry’s supply chains. The theme for IMTS 2020 was Rebuilding the Supply Chain: ReThink. ReEngage. ReEstablish. Unfortunately, in early 2020 the virus hit the world with unprecedented fury, exposing massive weakness in the global supply chain, most publicly medical material.
While the U.S is becoming more self-sufficient in medical material, we recognize the gaps in many other industries. The Suez Canal container ship incident again reminded us that the chain has weak links. Join Harry Moser, Founder and President of the Reshoring Initiative®, and Mark Pirhala, Manager, Product Development at AMT, as they discuss what continues to cause supply chain disruption, as well as how you can mitigate risks for your own company.

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Type: Webinars